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Acting Workshops and Acting Classes in Melbourne on offer
Study with a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TV DIRECTOR and learn a screen acting process THAT WORKS!! These classes in Melbourne will change your view of performance for ever.
Acting classes 7pm nightly @ The Rehearsal Room in Armadale, Melbourne, Australia (and Sundays, too).

Introducing Richard Sarell - acting workshops melbourne

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Acting Workshops and Drama Classes at The Rehearsal Room, Melbourne

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RICHARD SARELL has directed 170 hours of TV Drama over 24 years

Neighbours Blue Heelers Murder Call ABC

125 episodes of "Neighbours"

22 episodes of "A Country Practice"

26 Episodes of Blue Heelers

Lead Director on “Murder Call” Channel 9

9 different series – 23 hours of drama

The Rehearsal Room difference …



You learn a uniquely practical system only taught at The Rehearsal Room


You get more personal attention in small classes (max. of 8 per group)


You shoot a different scene EVERY class


You learn to work FAST and to make BIG changes between takes (that’s what you need for TV)


You get excellent value with small classes, moderate prices and a FREE catch-up session (per term) if you miss a class.




In the MASTER CLASS you work with a professional TV Director each term. Previously guest directors include …

Scott Major (Neighbours)

Daina Reid (The Secret River, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Offspring, Paper Giants)

Declan Eames (Neighbours, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

Jean-Pierre Mignon (Winners & Losers, All Saints, Neighbours)

Andrew Prowse (Lead director Dr Blake Mysteries, Rush, Underbelly, Producer INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)

Grant Brown (House Husbands, Love Child, Neighbours)


The actors most important job is to deliver the story - this is the unique focus of these workshops ...

YOU learn how to change your choices quickly …



Acting tips, acting workshops and acting classes melbourne

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Richard Sarell believes "Acting is simple. Its all the things we let get in the way of a good performance that makes acting hard."

Simple things are easy to do. .   Hard processes invite failure.

These Screen Acting Workshops will lead you to the best way -

  • to be 'real'
  • to deliver the scene
  • to take direction
  • to balance character and drama
  • to audition

The Rehearsal Room - makes actors more EFFICIENT, more VERSATILE and more CONSISTENT and MORE CREATIVE.

thoughts on acting and acting workshops melbourne

These classes provide a clear and practical way to efficiently and professionally get on with doing the job either in front of the camera or on stage. They are clear and simple concepts that work.

The Rehearsal Room uses simple principles. This means the actor can be in control of their choices. They can change performance easily, quickly and confidently.

Richard Sarell directing MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne

  Richard Sarell directing MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne  
  (Above: Richard Sarell with Steve Kearney working on MDA - ABC TV)  
  Richard Sarell directing Kerry Armstrong on MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne  
  (Above: Richard Sarell on the set of MDA - ABC TV with Kerry Armstorng)  

Actor testimonials regarding acting classes melbourne at Rehearsal Room

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Richard has designed a course that builds core skills. It is explained with commonsense clarity. Four levels provide a clearly developed pathway to understanding.

Richard Sarell's thought on acting workshops in Melbourne


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