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Screen Acting Classes in Melbourne that will change your view of performance & the BEST TV Presenter's course in Melbourne. Acting classes 7pm nightly @ The Rehearsal Room in Armadale, Melbourne, Australia (and Sundays, too).

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Acting Workshops and Drama Classes at The Rehearsal Room, Melbourne

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Are you told your acting is too big for the screen? Do your have difficulty working out why your character is in the scene? Do you have difficulty making big changes and taking direction quickly? Do you fear doing a cold read?

Do you want to act but fear you don't have the talent?

Richard Sarell believes "Acting is simple. Its all the things we let get in the way of a good performance that makes acting hard."

Simple things are easy to do. . . . . . . Hard processes invite failure.

These Screen Acting Workshops will lead you to the best way -

  • to be 'real'
  • to deliver the scene
  • to take direction
  • to balance character and drama
  • to audition

The Rehearsal Room - makes actors more EFFICIENT, more VERSATILE and more CONSISTENT.

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Richard Sarell directing Kerry Armstrong on MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne

Richard Sarell has been directing TV drama for over 25 years. His shows have won awards for Best Actress, Best TV Series, and been nominated for an International Emmy.

This experience brings a hands-on practical approach to the acting process he teaches.

(Above: Richard Sarell with Kerry Armstrong working on MDA - ABC TV)

The years of auditioning and directing actors have given him a deep insight into no-nonsense paths to creating good performance.

These classes are not about vague and confusing acting theories. They provide a clear and practical way to efficiently and professionally get on with doing the job either in front of the camera or on stage.

(Right: Richard Sarell on the set of MDA - ABC TV)

Richard Sarell directing MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne

Richard Sarell directing MDA for ABC TV prior to teaching acting workshops in Melbourne

The Rehearsal Room uses simple principles. This means the actor can be in control of their choices. They can change performance easily, quickly and confidently.

Professionals everywhere use processes that produce a high percentage return. It's no different for actors. You need to use an approach that has the most chance of producing a good outcome.

(Above: Richard Sarell with Steve Kearney working on MDA - ABC TV)

  Stand out from the crowd. These workshops make professional actors better, bolder and more hirable.

Richard has a designed a course that builds core skills. It is explained with commonsense clarity. Four levels provide a clearly developed pathway to understanding.

'Understanding' and 'experience' build skill. At The Rehearsal Room you get a balanced diet of both these elements. Mostly, actors are schooled in a limited amount of useful knowledge and a lot of experience/practice. This means that often you spend a lot of time practicing unproductive techniques. Don't waste your time.

Find out the facts that are useful. Acting classes should be generating continued growth in performance. Nowhere else will you achieve such a clear understanding of how acting works.

Stanislavski theory is wonderful. But mostly it is taught in a confusing and impractical way. Tertiary acting institutions frequently teach a variety of other methods too, leaving the student to choose what suits them best. The Rehearsal Room specializes in one point of view. It is understood, it is practiced and it works.

Plus there are other classes which focus on Audition Skills, Monologues (a DVD for secondary school students) and TV Presenting. FOR THE FULL LIST ...

Richard Sarell's thought on acting workshops in Melbourne


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