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To Feel or NOT TO FEEL?

Tweet  A common question from actors … “If you can’t feel what the other person is saying how do you still connect and respond truthfully?” Even actors who have been working at their craft for a long time are often … Continue reading

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‘LIFE PROCESS’ ONE – for actors

Tweet  In life, everything we say is spoken with an expectation.  We EXPECT that it will have some effect. We ALWAYS speak with the hope of getting a response. So, as soon as we say something we immediately begin to … Continue reading

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Tweet  ESTHER ANDERSON first came to The Rehearsal Room for classes in January 2007.  She had experienced acting classes at other places but when she later got a call back for an ongoing character in Home and Away it was … Continue reading

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Understanding Story Is TRICKY

Tweet   This pic has been sent to me by Holly Desmond who is at the Apollo Bay Music Festival. It made me smile. Holly’s comment … “Not necessarily a reflection of me!”   –   That’s a photographer’s joke … Continue reading

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This Is A Gem …

Tweet  What drives your listening in a REAL conversation? It’s an interesting question, eh!!! What does drive YOUR listening in life????? An actor in Thursday night’s group, who believed she was a very good listener in life, suggested that the … Continue reading

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Elegant Conversations … and NO ACTING

Tweet    The Rehearsal Room ‘Conversation Exercise’ sorts the pretenders, the imaginers and the actors from the listeners, the responders and the inter-actors. I have always believed that ‘actor’ is a really BAD label or name for the person who … Continue reading

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Thinking About Voice Over …

Tweet  John Higginson suggests you think about it this way … VOICE OVER TIP Say this sentence…               “I can’t wait to show you the new car”. Now say it again with the biggest, … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

Tweet  It was the first night of the Introductory Workshop for this term and I planned to take a picture of the group. As usual … I forgot. Why did I forget? Was I having such a good time that … Continue reading

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A Brilliant Idea …

Tweet  HOW IS THIS FOR A SIMPLE TRUTH? “…when you are having ideas MANY of them will be wrong. BUT you’ve got to have some to be RIGHT with some of them …” I LOVE IT!!!  You have to give … Continue reading

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Shooting a Show Reel

TweetI spent the morning shooting a show reel scene for actors GARY IANNELLO and WEZ FORKE. Gary had organized a local café to shoot in.  But often what happens when you organize something for free, is that it costs you … Continue reading

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