AUDITION PROCESS – Big Steps Forward


What a great time we had on Saturday!!  A really positive atmosphere was in the air.  A lot of actors had got out of bed early to meet Melbourne Casting Director Melanie Mackintosh.

The actors were attending one of The Rehearsal Room’s regular audition workshops.

Like most casting directors Melanie has an engaging warm personality and is expert at putting actors at ease.  She chats enthusiastically in a very practical and relaxed way.  She enjoys what she does.  But despite all that often actors go into the audition room carrying some level of tension.

Despite those intrusive tensions the performances on the day were of an impressively high standard.  If stress is something that usually undermines a performance why was it that on this occasion the results were so good?

The answer surely must lie in the fact that whether the actors were suffering from nerves or not they were still able to make practical functional choices and implement them satisfactorily.

A consistency in the quality of the performances on the day makes it plain that the actors were using a practical technique in an efficient way.  I was very proud of them.

It is that sort of evidence that keeps me convinced that The Rehearsal Room process WORKS.



If you want to explore some more thoughts on audition process have a look at this article published in 2003.


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