Audition Workshop Bonus


The aim of Audition Workshops at The Rehearsal Room is for actors to learn more about audition process and to build their skill level.  THAT WAS DEFINITELY ACHIEVED LAST SATURDAY.

But it is an added bonus when the feedback to the group from the Casting Director is highly complimentary.  Melanie Mackintosh’s final comment to the group this Saturday morning was …



“There was a consistently high level of good performances today. I was particularly encouraged by everyone’s willingness to adapt to changes in direction. When I get to do a workshop, there are often only one or two people that really stand out but today I’ll walk away feeling really impressed.”



Useful Information.
In the general discussion at the close of the workshop Melanie had this to say about show reels …

MELANIE:      If we haven’t met you before, it’s a huge advantage if we can see footage of you before we bring you in for an audition.  We have a bookshelf FULL of show reels and to be honest, we’re never going to find your show reel in there.  But if you have one on AT2 or Show Cast or a link on our website we can click on it and see what you’re like in 3 seconds. Online links are so accessible and immediate. We are casting a huge campaign at the moment for an LA director and he wants amazing actors but he also wants really quirky unknown people – so we’ve been online all week looking at show reels, trying to find the undiscovered.  

QUESTION:  I haven’t got any recent professional material that shows my work as it is now.  What should I put up?

MELANIE:  I think if you have some footage that you are really proud of then I’d rather have something to watch than nothing. It could make the difference between us calling you in to audition or not.  If there isn’t a link to footage on any of our databases, we then have to ring your agent and see if they can get us something, but this can be time consuming and frustrating. So yeah,  I definitely think putting a link up to a great scene or two from The Rehearsal Room is worthwhile, for sure.

You can find Melanie Mackintosh at
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