An Acting Adventure


Matthew Paine & Ash Harris

Matthew Paine & Ash Harris in The Rehearsal Room MASTER CLASS.

A new exercise was tested in The Rehearsal Room MASTER CLASS on Wednesday.  It was a huge amount of fun.

TIM CLARKE came up with the idea for the exercise.

This is what we did …
1)   Actors got together and rehearsed their scene
2)   Then each pair of actors wrote down their conversation goal and the outcome of the conversation
3)   When it came time to shoot the scenes everyone’s conversations were placed in a hat (a top hat) … and each pair of actors drew a new conversation plan from the hat and had to run their prepared scene to the new conversation plan (or new story)


Tim Plumb & Leanne Courtney

Tim Plumb & Leanne Courtney

There was no new rehearsal time given to prepare afresh.  It was simply read the new story plan then commit to delivering it.  Everyone played their rehearsed scene with a new story plan determined at random by picking one from the hat.


It was very challenging.  The outcomes were fascinating.


Actors who traditionally planned a lot could no longer do that.  They had to understand the ‘reason for the conversation’ and form a path to pursuing that goal spontaneously as they went.

Darren Mort & Tim Clarke

Darren Mort & Tim Clarke

When actors weren’t restricted by their fears the performances were wonderfully real and very engaging.  The listening was fantastic.  The surprises were great.

Everyone learnt a massive amount.

An exciting and very productive new adventure.  Thank you, Tim.


Nic Romney doing the exercise

Nic Romney with some old dude


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