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Tweet  Three actors this morning were making impressive progress on the third morning of preparation for the next Audition Workshop. PROGRESS is something that should NOT be measured by the size or quality of the outcome.  Progress MUST be measured … Continue reading

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Tweet  Is it possible that GOOD acting can deliver a BAD performance? That probably depends on how you assess whether the acting is good or not.  It also depends on what you see as making a good performance. I recently … Continue reading

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‘LIFE PROCESS’ – FOUR: Difficulty Drives A Story

Tweet  No story exists without a ‘difficulty’ or ‘problem’ that needs to be resolved.  And the element that keeps a story alive is an increasing difficulty. The ‘difficulty’ might not be clear, it might be implied or suggested but it … Continue reading

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Tweet  You always do it!! Have you noticed?   You probably don’t notice when you do it yourself.  But you might see it happen to other actors around you. “Sorry, I’m late,” is a line of dialogue that could mean many … Continue reading

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Tweet Over the last three years I have speculated that there are probably about THIRTY identifiable myths about acting.  But in fact thus far I have actually identified ELEVEN.  And I have only written about SIX.  These are the first … Continue reading

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Tweet  John Clarke is a witty and intelligent man.  His ABC programme “Sporting Nation” on Australia’s relationship to sport was incisive, engaging and entertaining. When working to camera he sometimes tried showing us how casual and relaxed he was.  He … Continue reading

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Tweet  Why do actors need to know about the Halo Effect?? It will help prevent an actor making basic mistakes.  That’s why!! The term ‘Halo Effect’ has been used in psychology for over a century, but it has not come … Continue reading

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