You always do it!!

Have you noticed?   You probably don’t notice when you do it yourself.  But you might see it happen to other actors around you.

“Sorry, I’m late,” is a line of dialogue that could mean many many things.



It could mean … “Wow!! What a day I’ve had!”    OR    “It’s really good to see YOU.”    OR    “By gosh, I’m hungry!”    OR    “I am never going to listen to my friend/boss again.”
(plus 100’s of other options that life might throw up.)



BUT … what did YOU do last time you had a line in a script like that????  I’ll bet ALL your performance communicated was … that you were SORRY YOU WERE LATE!!!

And further more I bet you were either …
#    apologetic
#    submissive
#    or you whinged.

If you didn’t, YOU are the exception to the rule.

I call it “The Sorry Trap”.  There’s a very high chance you get caught in it.

Be different.
Don’t do what everyone else does.
Look at the words in the context of the circumstances and make them say something that’s relevant to your conversation goal.


Any time there’s a line with “sorry” in it “The Sorry Trap” is waiting to invite you to be banal, obvious, predictable and just like everyone else.

Next time, take a risk.  Be brave.  Be different.  The rewards are huge.



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One Response to YOU DID WHAT!!

  1. Richard Sarell says:

    It happened tonight. The scene was going perfectly – he was listening really well, making simple choices and had a wonderful engaging charm.

    And then came the line that changed all that. There was only one word in this line … it was … “Sorry.”

    The charm disappeared. He instantly became a wimp. And he had no reason for saying the line. Everything was great and then he fell into “The Sorry Trap”!!!!!!

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