Who Are You Talking To?



It is NOT the actor’s job to reveal what they are thinking to the audience .

It is NOT the actor’s job to show how they are feeling to the audience .

It IS THE ACTOR’S JOB to occupy the circumstances and the relationship required to engage the audience with the difficulties the story is exploring.

Whenever a screen actor makes a decision to do something that will help the audience understand what is going on they –

# cease to behave as the person in those circumstances would

# and behave as a naive actor does in front of an audience.

As soon as the actor includes a bit of extra information for the benefit of the audience they CHANGE THE NATURE OF THE CONVERSATION.

Change the nature of the relationship; change the nature of the circumstances; change the nature of the person having the conversation BUT DON’T take on a responsibility that the character would never assume.  The character in the story DOESN’T KNOW AN AUDIENCE EXISTS.


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