The Intelligent Actor



An experienced actor came by the other day.  He was recording an audition to send interstate.  This actor told me he had just played a guest lead in a current series.  The comment was made that the lead role in the whole series was held by an ‘intelligent’ actor.  This series lead was really well prepared, he made really logical choices and his continuity was immaculate.  But this lead could not change.  What he offered on the first shot of the scene was exactly the same when the last shot was recorded.  The guest actor was impressed with the organisation and surprised by the rigidy.



Another actor came by recently whose range of experience as a performer is quite broad.  This actor wanted to run through some options for an audition.  As it happens this actor currently has a NEW gig (that’s not related to the audition coaching).  It’s an ongoing one that will run for some time.  It’s the sort of gig that most people would feel that if they had this job … then ‘they had arrived’.  However, this actors ‘intelligent’ view of the new job was …”It’s interesting.  And I’m learning a lot. So, we’ll see what happens.”

A refreshingly simple and open view.



IAN SMITH as Athol in 'Rhyme and Reason'

And on a recent “Rhyme and Reason” shoot there was the ‘intelligent’ and experienced IAN SMITH constantly offering concepts and suggestions about circumstances, relationship and reasons for the conversation … right up until the camera rolled.  And after a couple of takes he then found a new line to add to the end of his final speech.  This excellent suggestion emerged because he was listening intelligently to the things he was saying and the reasons he was saying them.



And this morning I have JUST finished working with an actor who has come to play with an audition scene.  The audition is for a show that most actors would be desperate to work on.  However, this ‘intelligent’ actor has considered the circumstances of life at the moment and decided that it’s not clear whether this is the gig she really wants at this time.  An actor determinedly and intelligently staying in charge of her world.  The outcome is that she is going for an audition not caring whether she gets it or not.  And she’s going to be in charge of all her acting choices as well.

That is the best way to go for an audition.



FOUR very different and successful outcomes from intelligent choices.  There are many different approaches to solving a problem.


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