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Tweet  Recently an actor new to The Rehearsal Room told me he had found this clip online and thought it was REALLY GOOD.  I’ve just been to have a look.  I agree. KARLA HILLAM and MATT PAINE have both … Continue reading

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Tweet  Psychologists analyze how we take RISKS.  Over the decades numbers of them have developed theories that explain how our minds process risk factors.  Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking, fast and slow” explores these theories.  He suggests that in … Continue reading

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Your Sister’s Sister

Tweet ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ is a film that is fascinating for those of us interested in performance process.  With many scenes shot on multiple cameras (it feels like) we often see the real performance with little intervention by the editor.  … Continue reading

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‘Realism’ – a valuable tool.

Tweet  Last weekend I saw two independent theatre productions and watched a large number of actors participating in a world that was extraordinarily real for them.  They listened extremely well to the clear understanding that the words had for them.  … Continue reading

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