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Thoughts on Being Well Learnt

Tweet  Actors constantly defend a slightly uncertain performance by explaining that it was just because they were uncertain about the lines.  The belief is that they are more confident and the performance will be better when they are ‘well learnt’. … Continue reading

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Tweet    OUTSTANDING THEATRICAL INVENTIVENESS     “War Horse” stands tall as an outstanding theatrical event alongside Peter Brooks “Midsummer Nights Dream” of 40 years ago.   On this occasion it is a rare production where the story is merely the … Continue reading

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Auditions – ‘Getting the Priorities Right’

Tweet  This week, in the Wednesday evening class actors will perform a general audition scene as one of the exercises.  It is a mock general audition.  One actor in the group emailed me … “I’ll be away with work until … Continue reading

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Who Needs to Rehearse!!

Tweet  I don’t hate much BUT I hate the word ‘monologue’.  It sets an actors mind running in entirely the wrong direction.  It’s the same with many writers.  Just look how hard it is to find a decent monologue on … Continue reading

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Making Big Changes Fast

Tweet  Today I watched a scene transformed during rehearsal by the use of a very simple technique. Actors frequently NEVER think beyond the words that the writer has put on the page.  They often NEVER consider saying anything other than … Continue reading

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What You Have Taught Me? (Part Two)

Tweet  I love the way you teach me.  Something I have always known is that … for the actor the most challenging moment is when the character is faced with a confronting difficulty.  This is the moment where the story … Continue reading

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John Bell on Shakespeare & Story

Tweet  It’s a basic tenet of The Rehearsal Room acting process that “every conversation has a reason”.  Similarly, every ‘story’ is told for a reason.  So, it was interesting to hear the very successful JOHN BELL explaining to Phillip Adams … Continue reading

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What You Have Taught Me? (Part One)

Tweet  THE GREAT THING ABOUT TEACHING IS THAT THERE’S ALWAYS SO MUCH TO LEARN.   In the middle of the year JOHN VARVARIGOS turned up at a class saying, “You’ve got to read this book.  He’s doing all your stuff.” … Continue reading

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“Just Keep Going”

Tweet  ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING?   Does your passion give you pleasure?   Is it inspiring?   Everybody knows that if you do have something that is important in your life there will be many mundane things that get … Continue reading

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