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Tweet  Actors have lots of decisions to make about the scene and the play/screenplay.  When they are starting out many actors are quite shy of making these choices.  I suspect there are many reasons for that and only one of … Continue reading

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Tweet  In the TV Presenters Workshop, JOHN was doing a ‘piece to camera’ selling a business concept. He was doing well, but we could sense he was trying to sell us something, and so we were cautious about his honesty.  … Continue reading

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Tweet  It’s so exciting I’m having trouble sleeping. ONLY 6 sleeps to go to the next one!!  The Tuesday evening MASTER CLASS is moving forward in leaps and bounds.  It’s wonderful.  I can’t wait for next week. Actors are making … Continue reading

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Tweet  The Rehearsal Room approach to acting is designed to help actors make their acting choices quickly and effectively. It has a simplified approach to acting that is very useful for the screen actor because in Australia actors have to … Continue reading

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Emotion and Logic

Tweet  They are inextricably intertwined.  And the things that link them are often completely misunderstood. Some actors spend time observing their own emotional states.  However, they can’t take ‘objective’ notes of what they DO as a result of the emotional … Continue reading

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Another Break Through

Tweet  MAX’S EPIPHANY   What a great MASTER CLASS last night!  There was much exploration both in performance and in discussion. Max Simon has made significant steps forward in understanding.  He is understanding how the psychological effects certain circumstances generate … Continue reading

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