Pia Eleanore Brightman (Monday 4th March 2013)

Pia Eleanore Brightman (Monday 4th March 2013)

Those who know her are in shock.

Pia was in her first term of classes at The Rehearsal Room.  At the beginning of her last class we were chatting about the difficulties we face in life.  She explained to me that her view was “things always work out”.  She gave me a couple of examples of decisions that hadn’t yet fallen into place.  “It will work out,” she said.  “It always does.”

It was an enviable approach to life – so positive.

On that night she made a HUGE acting breakthrough.  Her approach to playing a scene changed radically.  Suddenly she was incredibly free, listening openly, trusting her impulses to respond, using the space adventurously, allowing herself to comfortably follow random thought processes but always returning with elegant simplicity back to a simple conversation path.  This beautiful young woman created a performance that was immensely engaging, richly complex and disarmingly honest.

It is a stunning surprise for us all that Pia has unexpectedly chosen to exit the ‘stage of life’.

I will always remember her exactly as she was in her last performance here … beautiful, immensely engaging, richly complex and disarmingly honest.

Thank you, Pia, for those valuable lessons in life.



PIa Eleanore 5







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  1. Dylan Hartland says:

    There is a murial on a wall just off chapel street dedicated to her. I have always thought who ever did it must have thought she was amazing, it’s seems they were right.

    It’s a sad story for anyone to end their life, especially one so amazing and talented.

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