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Tweet  It’s just become apparent there’s a NEW WORD (for me) in the actor’s vocabulary.           Now I know about it, I see it EVERYWHERE. For example, it was evident that sixteen of the twenty-six actors … Continue reading

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Good Friends

Tweet  On Sally McLean’s website is a personal description of her perception of the value of the classes and techniques explored at The Rehearsal Room. It is interesting because it is an outsider’s view. Check it out here. The Rehearsal … Continue reading

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Tweet What FANTASTIC fun we had on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the “Delivering the Story Workshop”.   And actors were delivering fabulously engaging performances in incredibly quick time frames.  Focusing on this set of techniques is producing remarkable results. We have … Continue reading

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The Shoot Can be SHIT!!!

Tweet  It’s exciting for an actor to get cast.  Hooray!!!  “Someone appreciates my ability,” and … “This is proof my acting is OK!!” are thoughts that surely must run through most actors minds when they get a gig. It’s appropriate … Continue reading

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Tweet At last some REALLY good independent theatre. “A Death in the Family” is a remarkable novel and Wendy Ward has adapted it into a remarkable play.  Her direction brings a unique style and a sure touch to the production. … Continue reading

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