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Tweet  There has been much talk in classes of late about the importance of taking charge of your performance.  The kind of issues discussed are … There is no character – there’s only YOU so trust YOUR decisions. If you … Continue reading

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Running Late

Tweet Dr WHO???? I’m not a fan.  I’ve watched ‘Dr Who’ over recent years and thoroughly enjoyed some of the episodes.  But I’m not dedicated to it. I got out of bed this morning to give the 50th Anniversary episode … Continue reading

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Tweet  Here’s a list of unprofessional things to do when you forget a line – Apologizing is unprofessional – saying “I’m sorry” is a complete waste of time. Worrying about remembering lines is unprofessional.  It increases stress, which increases the … Continue reading

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Tweet  Has it happened to you? Everything is going swimmingly in the audition and then the Casting Director hands you the script for a bigger part and says, “How about you show me what you can do with this one?”  … Continue reading

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Dealing with a lack of Gravity!!

Tweet  ACTORS JUST HAVE TO COPE. Whatever the director’s vision the actor has to find a way to fit into the plan while still being truthful to the circumstances and the relationship. “Gravity” is a beautifully choreographed film. The director’s … Continue reading

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Internal Monologue Bullshit

Tweet  During sex, in that moment before orgasm, the mind is intensely focused on one particular task.  As soon as that is passed the mind starts flitting all over the place again.  Can you think of any other time when … Continue reading

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