Has it happened to you?

Everything is going swimmingly in the audition and then the Casting Director hands you the script for a bigger part and says, “How about you show me what you can do with this one?”  A STONE-COLD READ!!!  ZERO preparation time!!


But, in fact it should be easy.

Akina Edmonds

Akina Edmonds

AKINA EDMONDS had a similar experience when auditioning for ‘King Kong’ – her only alternative was to try out The Rehearsal Room stone-cold read process.  (AKINA explains what happened to her here).

Any task is easy to do if you keep it simple.  The Rehearsal Room formulas for successfully achieving these tasks are simple and highly efficient.  The tricks to using them are –

  • being practiced at using them so that they can be applied automatically in stressful situations
  • understanding how they work so that they are used at appropriate times
  • sticking to the formula and trusting the outcome (psychologists tell us that a good formula will always be more productive than intuitive judgement).

The Rehearsal Room has numerous practical processes that are especially designed to give the greatest chance of success.  They have been thoroughly tested.

There is another great story about using a very similar formula in Harold Guskin’s excellent book “How to Stop Acting”.  On that occasion it was the technique Kevin Kline used when auditioning for his role in “Sophie’s Choice”.  It gained him his first role in a major film.

STONE-COLD READS can happen at any time.  They are always unexpected.  It is essential to have that skill in your toolbox.


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