Here’s a list of unprofessional things to do when you forget a line –

  1. Apologizing is unprofessional – saying “I’m sorry” is a complete waste of time.
  2. Worrying about remembering lines is unprofessional.  It increases stress, which increases the chance of you not remembering the lines.  STOP worrying and use tools that help you solve the remembering lines problem.
  3. Blaming yourself is unprofessional.  Your job is to understanding why you forgot the line and remedy the problem as best you can.  To do otherwise is to just hold up the production.
  4. Losing concentration when you realize you can’t remember a line is unprofessional.  It makes it plain that you have dropped out of the scene (out of the circumstances and the relationship) and frequently renders the work to that point unusable.  Staying on your reason for the conversation (even if you can’t remember the line) keeps the take alive and potentially usable.
  5. Allowing anything to reduce your confidence and the chance of a successful re-run of the scene is unprofessional.

So, relax and reduce the stress.

Use pro-active choices to reduce the chance of you making the same mistake twice.  AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR MIND WORKS.  It’s the way your mind works that is getting in the way of you remembering any line.

The FIRST professional step towards remembering lines is understanding that your short-term memory works like a muscle – if you don’t use it then it withers.  So, the more you exercise your short-term memory the stronger it gets.  Start work on learning things regularly.

Practice the skill.

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