There has been much talk in classes of late about the importance of taking charge of your performance.  The kind of issues discussed are …

  1. There is no character – there’s only YOU so trust YOUR decisions.
  2. If you aren’t making the decisions then who the f#*# IS!!!
  3. Don’t imitate the way you think the writer wants you to respond – do it the way you need to respond to what is happening now.
  4. The writer can’t hear how the previous line was said to you. You’ve heard it … respond to what has actually being said NOW.
  5. One visiting MASTER CLASS director even said to the actors, “You are the boss.”
  6. One actor’s goal for a class was to “Put myself in charge.” – an excellent goal.

And if you are wondering how far you can go with this or thinking that you should be cautious here is one example to inspire you … THIS IS THE PINNACLE OF PERFECTION in committing to all those principles.

Be inspired!!!

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