Learning LoopThe ‘LEARNING LOOP’ is something that’s been part of The Rehearsal Room’s understanding for over a decade.

Google it and you will find hundreds of them.  I was delighted to see that The Rehearsal Room’s option was the clearest and simplest to implement.  The concept is simply that the way you learn is to …

  1. test something out … then …
  2. assess how the testing went … then …
  3. make adjustments … and then …
  4. test it out again.

The pattern repeats itself as often as you need it to.

Rod Winning who introduced me to the concept used the simple illustration of … “That’s the way you learnt to walk” to first explain it to me.   In the process of learning to walk a child obviously goes through that cycle thousands of times.  Just look at any crowded street.  It is plainly a very practical approach with a high success rate.

The thing I love about the concept is that it cleverly makes the point that the biggest contributor to the way we learn is our MISTAKES.   Without mistakes our ability to learn is severely restricted.

But in last night’s class Erin Herrman added another valuable connection to this remarkably productive concept.  Erin pointed out that this test, assess and adjust process is exactly what goes on in any conversation.  That’s the way we work towards assessing our success or lack of it during a conversation.  We say something to ‘test’ where we are at  … our listening generates the ‘assessment’ that follows … ‘adjustments’ are then made to the next thing we say … so that we can ‘test’ our progress further.


That’s how a conversation happens.  It’s a continual process of ‘testing’, ‘assessing’, ‘adjusting’ and ‘testing’ again.

I love it.


NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to be able to assess our mistakes in a practical way so that the ‘adjustments’ can be productive.   The aim is to do our best to not misdiagnose problems.  (And that’s one of the strengths of The Rehearsal Room acting process – it helps diagnose problems.)



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