NL3 RichsAre you still trying to work out the perfect way to say a line?

Here are some more options to complicate your instantly spontaneous decisions.  NOT ONLY can you change the importance of any word and therefore shift the meaning a bit – BUT YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE TO CHANGE THE MEANING COMPLETELY.  You can make a line mean the opposite to its original purpose, if you choose.

Depending on how YOU choose to say it – “You are the last person I thought of,” – could mean …

…          You are the last person that would have come to my mind because you are a totally inappropriate choice

…          You are the first person I should have thought of but it just didn’t occur to me

…            You were the person who was in my mind immediately before I made the big decision

…            I never would have thought you could contribute anything practical to the decision I had to make

…            I thought of lots of people in that moment and you were the last one who came to mind

…            I want you to stay out of my life

…            I love you


In addition, consider the fact that each one of those points of view could have a TOTALLY negative or a completely POSITIVE intention.

PLUS – the point of view you wish to communicate could be delivered with a HUGE variety of intensity.  They could be incredibly intense or moderately intense or mildly intense or not very intense at all.

THE ONLY WAY we can measure the effectiveness of your choice is whether we find it plausible and appropriate.

THE ONLY WAY you can make a plausible and appropriate choice is to MAKE SURE YOU ARE LISTENING!!




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