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Tweet  Yesterday was another brilliant session at The Rehearsal Room with guest Casting Director ANGELA HEESOM.  Angela has a fabulously warm personality and a very straightforward common sense approach to acting process. She also had many TIPS relating to the … Continue reading

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Tweet  At The Rehearsal Room we are exploring a clearer way to label an ‘objective’ or ‘intention’ or a ‘Conversation Goal’  (call it what you like). I prefer ‘Conversation Goal’ as a much more specific and active term. There are currently two MASTER CLASS … Continue reading

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Tweet  I’m excited about this.  It deals with the BIG element that actors are confused about and that acting teachers don’t explain very well.  Last night, I believe we made another step forward. HAVE YOU READ THE BLOG “Subtle Shifts … Continue reading

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Doing the Impossible

Tweet  “I want to be able to play a different characters,” the actor said to me. And then added … “And I know that I have to just use different parts of my own personality – but when I look … Continue reading

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Subtle Shifts of Target

Tweet  Its kind of obvious that if you aren’t aiming at the target you will probably miss it!!! We were watching three takes of a recent audition.  The last one was right on target.  The first two were erratic.  The … Continue reading

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Tweet  I’ve seen two plays recently.  They were both good.  The actors were accomplished, the blocking of the actors moves in the space was excellent and the play’s plot was resolved appropriately.  The actors were able to respond with levels … Continue reading

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