So it’s five hours flying to Bali. The aim of the trip is to get away from it all. But after about 2 hours in the air I decide to watch a movie!!

Suddenly I’m sucked back into the world of actors.

And it’s not just any ol’ film.   FELICITY JONES is ‘the invisible woman’ in a story that is beautifully crafted cinema.

ALL THE ELEMENTS of GOOD PERFORMANCE and GOOD STORY TELLING are present in this finely structured narrative. “The Invisible Woman” exquisitely embodies the elements of engaging story (plot), subtle but clear sub-text (theme) and a wondrously simple end that brings these elements together with an enormous functionality and complete satisfaction for this audience member.

The journey of its protagonist (FELICTY JONES) is strong. There are massive yet ordinary difficulties for her to overcome. The change that she achieves by the story’s end is richly rewarding for the audience and richly deserved for her character. The antagonist (RALPH FIENNES) is charming and likeable which brings a delightful complexity to the relationships. Despite his dominating charisma he delivers a truthful complexity that is totally ‘awesome’ in the most human of ways.

This is wonderful work.

The actors take time, sometimes a large amount of time, to find the impulse for their next choice but the storytelling is never slow. That’s because they are always DEALING WITH THE ESSENCE of the story in every moment of the production.

These are exactly the outcomes that The Rehearsal Room process is focused on achieving.

In terms of the actors choices that support this story this is the perfect example of the issues we explore in the “Delivering the Story” workshop. It starts SUNDAY 12th OCTOBER.

I can’t wait.

In the meantime, find a moment to have a peep at “The Invisible Woman” … it is highly recommended.  And while you do that … I’ll have holiday.



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