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‘OPPOSING CONCEPTS’ … A Very Powerful Tool

Tweet  “What shapes the actor’s mind?”  That’s a good question.  The answer is simple, I reckon.  THE ACTOR DOES!!!  Each actor shapes his or her own approach to process.  So, how come with all that individuality at play that you … Continue reading

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Simple Understandings

Tweet   “What aspect of your acting process are you working on tonight?” … that’s my standard question at the start of every MASTER CLASS.  This week Daniel Di Giovanni said, “Tonight I’m going to listen to ‘RELATIONSHIP’” How good … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Playing ‘Surprises’

TweetOn the final day of my three-week ‘premier’ trip to Bali here is the start of Chapter Eleven of the ‘book-with-no-title’. Although I have spent little time writing during the trip, I am travelling with a fellow director and ‘observer-of-life’.  We … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding SURPRISES

TweetTwelve months and ten days ago on my first EVER overseas trip to Canada I started writing a book.   When completed it will record the genesis of The Rehearsal Room acting process and also its details.  There is still along … Continue reading

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