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Story … it’s EVERYWHERE

TweetThis engaging little clip is FABULOUS storytelling.  It’s had 4,500,000 views (and climbing).  Wow!!!  And its success is not just because it’s a fascinating revelation of the wonders of our natural world.  I reckon, its success is significantly due to … Continue reading

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“Come on!!! STEP IT UP!!”

Tweet  Think about this!! In the edit room the moment an actor uses dialogue that isn’t driving the story forward any director will try to cut that bit out. It’s a basic storytelling principle, isn’t it? Engaging the audience with … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Professional Director

Tweet                Director, producer and writer ANDREW PROWSE has been to The Rehearsal Room many times as a guest director.  He was here again for the final session of the ‘Delivering the Story’ Workshop.  … Continue reading

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TweetI’m hoping I can write this blog in 10 minutes.  But having uttered that thought I am totally aware that it will probably take A LOT longer.  You see in life, experience tells me that I need to expect the … Continue reading

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With ‘PRIDE’ …

Tweet     While working on his own feature film concept my son Patrick formulated a fabulous description of story structure. “Every story is a journey from a position of loneliness to finding your partner or your place in the … Continue reading

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