I’m hoping I can write this blog in 10 minutes.  But having uttered that thought I am totally aware that it will probably take A LOT longer.  You see in life, experience tells me that I need to expect the opposite because I don’t know the future.

In life we continually consider OPPOSITES.  We know that OPPOSITES are often a distinct possibility.

Opposing ImagesBUT … in YOUR preparation for the last scenes you shot DID YOU DELIBERATELY AND SPECIFICALLY THINK OF OPPOSITES?

Did you …

1.              Come up with an OPPOSITE ‘Conversation Goal’?

2.              Come up with an OPPOSITE choice of ‘Need’?

3.              Find OPPOSITE ‘meanings’ for a number of key words”?

4.              Think of OPPOSITE ‘colours’ (the way you go about your conversation … supportively or challengingly etc)

5.              Decide what the character was ‘hoping for’ and then come up with an OPPOSITE?

6.               Do a ‘Very Fast’ run of the scene and did you do the OPPOSITE of a ‘VERY Slow’ run of the scene?

7.               Consider that ALL those ‘opposite’ choices might be ‘excellent’ but the OPPOSITE might still be the case and you would have to think of something else?

8.               Consider that your director might be a ‘GENIUS’ or the OPPOSITE an ‘IMBECILE’ and you might just have to use your survival skills.

9.              Consider that although you are well prepared your fellow actor may have prepared an OPPOSITE that you hadn’t considered.

Frequently actors’ preparation creates resistance to change.  But the ONE THING any actor MUST be able to do is change A LOT and quickly.  Thinking of OPPOSITES is invaluable.

You might be thinking that a long list like that would take TOO MUCH TIME to do.  But if your habit were to consider those changes while you were learning lines it wouldn’t take any extra time at all.  AND … how amazingly flexible would you then be!!!

P.S.     It has taken me 24 minutes to be ready to post this blog.  That’s a record in efficiency for me but still TWICE as long as I was hoping for.



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  1. Josette says:

    Ripper blog Richard. It sounds like a great way to get out of your head when preparing for a scene.
    Thank you- just another gem to add to the toolbox!

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