This real life surprise was recorded 4 years ago while shooting a ‘piece to camera’ for a TV Presenters Workshop. The camera was rolling and we were just chatting before a take when a minor car accident occurred nearby.

Both presenters go through all the standard phases of a surprise but they each process them slightly differently.

It is fascinating to watch other people being surprised. The processes that Tim and Natalie experienced are richly complex. We can watch the four fundamental phases of a surprise ….

  1. The unexpected interruption of your expectation
  2. Identifying what that interruption is
  3. Assessing whether it is ‘good or bad’ for you
  4. Making a choice what to do about

… unfold in them.

Watching others in moments of surprise is often a much better way to learn about surprises than analyzing your own.

I wrote another blog on that topic almost exactly a year ago. It’s worth revisiting. 


The theme for Acting SLAM #4 is “Surprise”. SLAM #4 is 7pm this Friday at The Courthouse Hotel, 86 – 90 Errol Street, North Melbourne.




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