Emotion Destroys the Outcome


There is a very strong connection between acting process and any sporting process. An excellent example is tennis.

Daria Gavrilova


To my knowledge the parallels between tennis and acting have been highlighted by Kevin Spacey, Anthony Hopkins and Utah Hagen. There are bound to be many more.

The main matches last night in the Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena supplied another illustration of the similarities. The charming, energetic, optimistic and highly skilled DARIA GAVRILOVA gave a stunning display in her first set and then crumbled. The collapse of her tennis process was a direct result of misplaced and inappropriate emotions corrupting her choices. Her feelings took over her decision-making processes.

The same outcomes occur for any actor when the process becomes unbalanced.

Roger Federer


ROGER FEDERER followed Daria onto the court and mesmerised the audience with a fluid, impulse driven performance that resulted in an exquisitely poetic display. His emotions were in perfect balance with his process. The feeling that overwhelmed him at the end of the match was one of total satisfaction.

Emotion for the tennis player, the actor and the ‘character’ (the actor is creating) should always be the result of what has been done, NOT the driver of actions. Once emotion takes over the decision making process the outcome will inevitably be a disaster.

Actors should learn from Daria’s mistake. She already has.

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