Julie had completed her first term at The Rehearsal Room but had been unable to attend the final session because she was sick. Five weeks later she returned to complete the final exercise. Her task was to perform an audition AND SHE NAILED IT. This mock audition was impressive.

Julie’s audition worked because she clearly understood her role. She understood the nature of the task her character had to perform, she understood the nature of the people she was dealing with and she dealt with them in a practical way within the circumstances. What’s more she managed to change her path through the scene with ease. She could do that because she clearly understood there were a number of practical ways for her character to tackle the problem she was facing.  Julie was comfortable, real and relaxed.

Julie made acting look easy.



Two days later Eddie had a self-test audition to record … and HE SMASHED IT. Eddie’s challenge was to create an eccentric character with an American accent. That this audition was for an important role in a feature film added to the pressure. He had one run of the first scene to warm it up and the next take was excellent. Two more complicated scenes followed a similar pattern.

His performance was bold, playful, complex, real and very engaging. He achieved this because he understood the nature of the character he was playing, he understood the relationship his character was involved in and he understood that there were a variety of ways he could tackle changing that relationship. Confidently, he boldly played with those ingredients allowing the performance to be spontaneous and vary from take to take. EXCELLENT WORK.

Even though they both were facing a challenging task they both did their best work so far.

These performances are testimony to the value of understanding the essential ingredients of the job.

Congratulations to both actors. In my view, they both achieved a personal best with their performances.


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