An Exhilarating Audition Workshop

Under the direction of Melbourne Casting Director JANE NORRIS 29 actors delivered a range of engaging, creative and adventurous performances today. It was exciting to see many new faces bringing fresh input to the occasion.

Amongst The Rehearsal Room actors there was the usual professional approach of applying process to build skill. And everyone made clearly measurable improvement. Amidst all this good work a few performances inspired special mention.

Actor Gary Dressler


TIM CLARKE did a magnificent job as reader for the day.  He listened fabulously and gave every actor a strong variety of options to play with.  SIMONE BALL set enormously practical and worthwhile goals. She achieved them with a beautiful simplicity and an elegant truth. And CARISSA McALLEN tackled a difficult scene with a well-placed confidence that delivered a rich and impressively well balanced performance.

The star of the day was GARY DRESSLER. He first started at The Rehearsal Room at the end of 2012 and has slowly worked away at building his understanding and confidence. Today all his hard work culminated in a stellar performance. Beautifully trusted, richly complex and imbued with a touching humanity GARY delivered exceptional work that took our breath away.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Special thanks to JANE NORRIS for guiding the actors through a very productive adventure.

Excitingly good work and the best fun.



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