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TweetThere have been a number of recent landmarks for actors from The Rehearsal Room.   ANDREA McCANNON and ALANNA SALT both had guest roles on “The Doctor Blake Mysteries”.         YASMIN BUSHBY smashed it on “Neighbours”. TIM … Continue reading

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TweetNeighbours Casting Director THEA McLEOD was at The Rehearsal Room on Saturday to witness 16 actors working at developing their audition skills. It was very exciting because a number of actors did their best work. The Rehearsal Room acting process … Continue reading

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An Exhilarating Audition Workshop

TweetUnder the direction of Melbourne Casting Director JANE NORRIS 29 actors delivered a range of engaging, creative and adventurous performances today. It was exciting to see many new faces bringing fresh input to the occasion. Amongst The Rehearsal Room actors … Continue reading

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“I Got The Job”

TweetIN JOB INTERVIEWS many actors use The Rehearsal Room approach to acting to guide their choices. What originally evolved as a sophisticated acting process is being used by many people in their daily routine. THIS DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE ACTING … Continue reading

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WAAPA Graduate at The Rehearsal Room

Tweet BARNABY POLLOCK completed his Batchelor of Arts in Acting at WAAPA in 2015. This week he started at The Rehearsal Room to add more skills to his actor’s toolbox. In his first session he was off to a great … Continue reading

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Tweet  Julie had completed her first term at The Rehearsal Room but had been unable to attend the final session because she was sick. Five weeks later she returned to complete the final exercise. Her task was to perform an … Continue reading

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My First Day as an Actor

Tweet This week, for the first time in my life I was an actor – for a day! My first and most important task was to turn up on time.  I achieved that!  But I still didn’t feel like I … Continue reading

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Powerful and Simple Listening

TweetSteve Jodrell is an experienced director (3 series of Wentworth) and a VERY good actor. He was the guest director at the final session of this term’s MASTER CLASS. His final comment to the actors in this session was … … Continue reading

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The Actor and The Story

TweetUnderstanding the role of the actor in the story is the most challenging task for the actor … and there are simple reasons why!! That THERE IS A STORY TO BE TOLD is the reason why we need actors.  Actors … Continue reading

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A Quantum Leap Forward

TweetSuddenly they were doing it!!! It had taken 5 weeks, slowly working at it. They had to learn the exercise, understand its purpose and build their trust in applying it.   They had to abandon the desire to control the outcome, … Continue reading

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