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Preparation is the Key

TweetSIMONE BALL delivered a very successful self-test this week for a U.S. series. Her listening was terrificly open and responsive. This allowed her to be different on every run which kept every take fresh. She was confident, engaging and very … Continue reading

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TweetEugene O’Neill’s “Desire Under Elms” finished playing at Chapel Off Chapel a week ago. DARREN MORT played the ageing Ephraim Cabot in the best performance of his career. It was a performance that was consistent, believable and driven by a … Continue reading

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Tweet She was lying across a couple of chairs and he was sitting on the floor beside her. BUT that’s not what the audience saw. From the audience’s point of view she was clinging to a life raft and he … Continue reading

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It Works!!!

Tweet This Saturday morning fifteen actors gave impressively good performances at The Rehearsal Room’s third Audition Workshop for the year. Ten of these actors did their best work, on a day when the pressure to perform was high. IT IS … Continue reading

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Playing Mean or Nice:

Tweet  ACTING TIP: Rachel didn’t want to look a ‘bitch’!! “How do I do that?” she asked this week during a class. She was considering the performance options for her scene. One of The Rehearsal Room tools is a really … Continue reading

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Academic Writing is CRAP Storytelling

Tweet  Over the years university students I have met have told me there is a simple formula to writing an essay – You EXPLAIN THE POINT you are going to make in the essay Then you MAKE THE POINT by … Continue reading

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TweetA TIP FOR SLAMMERS:         Endings are HUGELY important in leaving the audience (and judges) with a feeling that an impro was a success. Don’t let the impro trickle on while you look for a logical ending that completes the story. … Continue reading

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Simple Ways To Change a Performance 1

Tweet Every time you have a conversation you have expectations about the outcome. In last night’s MASTER CLASS, HAN TRAN tried changing his expectations to an “opposite” possibility. So, on the second run of his scene HAN swapped his expectations … Continue reading

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TweetA highly successful Audition Workshop with JANE NORRIS concluded on Saturday with everyone learning heaps. There were many pleasing performances. One of these was from BERNADETTE GOLLAN who had a place in the Saturday afternoon session. BERNIE was performing a … Continue reading

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Tweet  KYAHL ANDERSON is a director and acting coach for Opera Scholars Australia.   This is an organisation that provides classical singers between the ages of 18 and 24 a platform to develop their performance skills. In January KYAHL ran a … Continue reading

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